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Woodrive E – automatic sliding system

Automatic sliding system WooDrive E comes in oak and walnut. The electric drive is charged by a portable battery – power bank. The WooDrive E is quickly and easily installed without requiring any additional electrical installations. It is managed by sensors, touch panels and mobile application, which allows adjustments to the mode of operation, displaying the battery status and more other options. The WooDrive E is universal and can be installed on any door leaf with a thickness of 40±2 mm.

Included in the order is the WooDrive E – Automatic sliding system without the door leaf.

To order interior doors please send an inquiry to MELU.


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Download the appDownload the appPower bank
Download the appDownload the appPower bank
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Our WooDrive E automatic wooden sliding system comes in oak and walnut. The WooDrive application allows you to control the operation of the drive by wireless connection with your mobile device, adapting it to your own preferences. The system adjusts to the weight of the door, measures the length of the rail and defines the opening direction automatically. The application is used to set the operating mode of the drive (WooDrive mode, Normal mode, Eco mode, Quiet or Manual mode), to check the battery status and to set the door leaf open time – OpenSpan. When the app reports empty batteries, the portable battery is inserted in the designated place and the drive is automatically charged, while the slide drive still functions uninterruptedly. System is controlled by sensors, open/close touch panels and mobile app WooDrive.

The black metal fittings are surface protected. The maximum carrying capacity of the guide is 110 kg, while the maximum weight of the door leaf is 60 kg. The mechanism is installed easily, following the user manual included in the packaging or available on the website. The total length of the rail, consisting of three parts, is 1900 mm. An extension of the rail is available. The packaging also contains a supporting wheel with a 355-mm-long-support, a drive wheel with a 340-mm-diameter-driven gear wheel and a support, the electronic part of the drive with a drive gear wheel, a motor, the pertaining electronics, the sensors, the batteries and the wireless charging components, as well as a portable battery (power bank). A template is also included to help position the holes on the door leaf and to cut out the holes for the electronic part of the drive. Included are the spacers, safety excenters, and a floor guide with blocks, which are adjustable in the movement direction of the mechanism (+/- 15mm). The set contains all the necessary hardware for mounting the mechanism.


User manual –  WooDrive E


The product is suitable for all types of interior doors (wooden, plastic or metal)

  • Wood type: Oak, Walnut,
  • Carrying capacity of the guide: 110 kg max,
  • Door leaf weight: 60 kg max,
  • Door leaf thickness: 40±2 mm,
  • Total length of guide: 1900 mm (3 parts), extension is possible,
  • Two supporting wheels with supports of 355mm-height,
  • Adjustable blocks (+/- 15mm),
  • Floor guide,
  • Assembled batteries with a capacity of 9800 mAh,
  • A full battery allows for 500 cycles (door weight 30 kg),
  • Wireless battery charging – powerbank,
  • Power bank with a capacity of 10000 mAh included,
  • Moving sensors,
  • Touch panels for manual opening/closing,
  • Warning in case of obstacles or errors,
  • WooDrive mobile application
    • Automatic guide length measurement, door leaf weight and opening direction,
    • Battery status display
    • Motor configuration setting
    • Open time setting – OpenSpan
    • Different operating modes setting:
      • WooDrive mode
      • Normal mode
      • Eco mode
      • Quiet mode
      • Manual mode (possibility of moving the door manually using the application)


Assembly instructions – WooDrive E


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