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The family business was founded in 1933 by Rajmund Selišnik, our great-grandfather. He was a successful artisan, and that was partly why he lost his life in the World War II, after which the workshop was nationalized. His son, Alojz Selišnik, who took over the workshop in 1956, continued his legacy. His creative and entrepreneurial spirit allowed him to build a carpentry workshop that was small, but modern and perfected with machines for that time. Building up on experience, he realized that it was necessary to specialize the carpentry workshop business and focus on one product group. He first started producing joinery and wooden blinds, followed by the accordion doors. He retired in 1990, when the workshop was taken over by Alojz Selišnik Jr., M.Sc. in Wood Engineering. Alojz modernized the production and specialized it mainly for the production of interior doors. We have been manufacturing interior doors for 30 years now, mostly for the German, Austrian and Slovenian markets.

The work is already being taken over by the fourth generation, as the two sons of Alojz now work in the family business: Matija, B.Sc. in Wood Engineering, and Blaž, M.Sc. in Machine Engineering. In recent years, the company has been developing and specializing in the production of functional doors made from ecological materials, as well as on modern designs based on the principles of the circular economy, focusing on flexibility and the development of new products.

The Melu company is divided into two plants – the Melu Prima sawmill in the town of Bočna, where the primary processing of wood from logs to semi-finished products takes place;  and the main plant – Melu, the production of interior doors in Luče. Using our experience and combining it with the interdisciplinary knowledge, such as woodworking and mechanical engineering, we have started developing a new product with our own brand in recent years. It is presented on this website – the “WooDrive”.


With the launch of the in-house production of semi-finished products in Melu Prima, the possibility of adding products to our production range increased. We wanted to upgrade the interior door offer by adding a product that complements it and is ecological, sustainable and aesthetically perfect. We wanted to come up with a product that is not directly related to the production of doors and can be sold separately.

By combining our expertise in woodworking and mechanical engineering, we have developed a wooden sliding system in two versions, the WooDrive M – a manual sliding system and the WooDrive E, which is supported by an electric drive and a mobile application, allowing the control of the drive according to the user’s wishes. It is the first wooden sliding system of its kind, for which we have also obtained the design protection and the WooDrive® trademark. The wood, from which the product consists, is certified according to the FSC and PEFC standards.

With the WooDrive product, we want to reach other markets and expand our circle of buyers.

Our mission is to offer aesthetically and technologically sophisticated wooden products. The guidelines that direct the course of the company's development are the co-creation of a healthy living environment and the use of natural materials. Our strategy is based on the principles of sustainable management, which is reflected in the use of the wood from local forests and in the comprehensive production from the log to the finished product. This allows us to achieve a high level of wood processing and a high value added, as well as zero waste.

Our vision is to become a globally known provider of high-quality sustainable products and to contribute to a carbon-neutral community and environmental protection through continuous development.

Wooden Sliding system
Rajmund Selišnik
Wooden sliding system Diploma
Alojz Selišnik Sr.
Schiebesystem - Diplomenarbeit
Alojz Selišnik Jr.
Schiebesystem - Diplomenarbeit
Blaž Selišnik
Schiebesystem - Diplomenarbeit
Matija Selišnik
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