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Sliding systems

Woodrive M – manual sliding system

This manual wooden sliding door system is a functional and an aesthetic benefit to the living space. The WooDrive M is universal and can be installed on any door leaf. It can be combined with wooden or painted interior doors. Our offer features a sliding mechanism in either oak or walnut wood. Attached is an accurate and clear user manual for an easy assembly.

Included in the order is the WooDrive M sliding system without the door leaf.

To order interior doors please send an inquiry to MELU.


Wood type:







    Product description

    The wooden sliding hardware is an excellent aesthetic addition to wooden or painted interior doors. The WooDrive M can be upgraded to the automatic sliding system. Our wooden sliding mechanism comes in oak and walnut (other wood types available upon additional payment and with extended delivery times). The black metal fittings are surface protected. The mechanism is installed easily, following the user manual included in the packaging or available on the website. The total length of the hardware, consisting of three parts, is 1900 mm. In addition, the packaging contains two supporting wheels with 355-mm-long-supports, a template for positioning the holes on the door leaf, the spacers, the safety excenters, and a floor guide with stoppers, adjustable in the movement direction of the mechanism (+/- 15mm). The set contains all the necessary hardware for mounting the mechanism.


    User manual – WooDrive M

    Technical specifications

    • The product is suitable for all types of interior doors (wooden, plastic or metal)
    • Wood type: Oak, Walnut
    • Carrying capacity of the guide: 110 kg max
    • Total length of the guide: 1900 mm (3 parts)
    • Two supporting wheels with supports of 355mm-height
    • Adjustable stoppers (+/- 15mm)
    • Floor guide



    Product video

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